So we hear that a vision board is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. A vision board is your hopes and dreams- concrete and visual. Everything and anything that makes you happy and that you aspire to be. To truly manifest what you have on your vision board, you need to feel in your heart as if you’ve already manifested it. The best way to feel this manifestation, is for you to have authentic dreams on your vision board.

This is where I get stuck.

There are most definitely people out there that can post their inner-most desires on a vision board and display it for all the world to see. “This is what I want. This is what I’ll achieve”. But the truth is, that making a vision board is a very personal experience. If you’re harvesting the truest power of a vision board, you’re displaying your deepest, most personal goals and aspirations. What you feel makes you, you.

When I made my first ever vision board, I knew husband would see it hanging up. I knew that family and friends would stumble on it when they came over our house. What happened was I subconsciously made a vision board of egotistical wants- dreams I thought I wanted- dreams I thought other people wouldn’t judge me for.

So I made a vision board of six-pack abs, a trip out West, a cool nursing job and some goats because goats were a hit on Facebook at the time. And that was my vision board. Within the next year, I landed the cool nursing job, we won a yoga grant to go to Squaw Valley California, and we got a goat named Hank. The six pack abs didn’t work out so well- I love IPA’s. Sorry not sorry. But after all of this, though it was amazing and I realized goat therapy is a real thing, I realized I didn’t manifest my truest and most authentic dreams.

What I truly wanted was a lot more personal than that. What I really wanted, was a complete career change, starting a blog, talking to the world about healing energies and alone time in coffee shops, to start. Also, goats are cute but I don’t want to own one.

I had a really hard time making my new, authentic vision board. For one, when friends and family see it,  you’re held accountable. My mind evolves what I think I really want on the daily. I’m switching up pictures every Sunday. This accountability causes stress and pressure, and in turn, stunts the growth and manifesting process. Second, what’s on your vision board may not resonate with the people closest to you, and that can cause guilt and make you question what your heart tells you you want.

So while I’m digging deep and figuring out how I truly want to feel in life, I’ve felt the most authentic and true to myself by making a vision album…to start. This is simply a photo album with pictures of what you would’ve put on the vision board. It’s private, more of a diary approach.

Would you post your diary entries on the refrigerator? Most of us would say no.

Ideally, we want to display our dreams and aspirations for all to see, without feeling accountability or guilt. And to be honest, if you were able to do that, your dreams would surely manifest. But for some of us, it’s not that easy.

Just know, it’s okay to start small. You can use a vision album as your personal space to plant some seeds and discover how you truly want to feel. In time, your clarity and confidence surrounding your aspirations will grow. And eventually, you can place those same pictures onto a vision board for all to see. But don’t be so hard on yourself- life is all about growth and the beautiful process of truly listening to your most authentic self. That’s the you that’s going to shine.

-Jackie Shea


Image Cred: Andrew Dong/Unsplash.