Brules=Bullshit rules. Take a step back from society for a sec. You’re not saying rules and culture stigmas are wrong, you’re just gaining an awareness. Do you agree with the rules around you? Or do you function and live your life based on what is “normal”? Those are two very different things.

For example: Do you go to college because you want to gain more understanding about a certain subject? Or do you go because it’s normal and “the right thing to do”? Do you have kids because your timeline says its supposed to happen now? Or do you have kids because you want to have them and can’t wait to teach them all that you know? Do you exercise because life tells you you need to do pushups and rush to get a certain physique? Or do you exercise because you feel at peace when you move, that it’s your therapy? Do you marry someone because you’ve lived together for five years and you feel “its time”? Or do you marry someone because you know it will make you so so happy?

All of these decisions. Anything outside of you, is called a Brule. A bullshit rule. Something that is “normal” that influences each and everyone of us to do something outside of our intuition because it “seems like the right thing to do”.

But outside of you, what do you believe in?

Let’s face it. There’s some shit going on in our own world and in the external world. We all have our opinions but also have an underlying notion that we can’t fix it anyways. So we “go with the flow”. But you have a choice.

“The great gift of being human is our capacity to see the world anew, invent new solutions- and then use what we know to transform our lives and change our world. Culture isn’t static. It lives and breathes, made by us in real time in the flow of life, meant to change as our world changes.”
-Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of Mind Valley

The cool thing about an awareness about brules is the very comforting fact that it means rules aren’t set in stone. You don’t need to do anything that doesn’t resonate with you. You also don’t have to support societal norms that make you cringe.

I invite you to really think about what you want in life. Dig deep. What do you do because it feels right for you. And what do you do because it’s “normal”. Normal isn’t always right. In fact, unquestioned normalcy is destructive.

Think about some big topics too…

The common sense of nuclear missles? The societal reason for marriages? Our education system & standarized testing? The irony of religion causing war? The pharmaceutical industry? The disconnect of our emotions & medical diagnoses? GMO’s for food production?

You may look at this huge to do list of personal and societal questions and feel overwhelmed, but don’t be. To start, just have an awareness and start a conversation with a friend.

With wine obviously.

Because this is some heavy shit.

Having an awareness doesn’t add pressure to change your life. Just know where you stand. Go to college, get your degree, get married, and watch the news about nuclear warhead manufacturing. Just know where you stand. That’s all you need to do.

Awareness is everything.

-Sage & Sapphire

Image Cred: Daniel Monteiro/Unsplash