I think a lot of people would agree that when someone else is in trouble, sick, or grieving- it’s worse than if the very same thing happened to you personally. What can hurt even more is when there is nothing you can do about it.

This sends our mind into a tailspin. We want to help the situation wholeheartedly, but many of us feel helpless.

Our mind tells us we need to support- so if we can’t cure someone’s illness, heal a broken heart or turn back time- we turn inward and support the only way we think we know how- by supporting with our thoughts. The good news is supporting with your thoughts is the most powerful way to help someone in need.

But what’s especially important is to know what thoughts you choose to support them with.

You are vibrationally communicating with those around you, even more than you would with your words. All of us are made of energy, and energy follows thought. We are like cosmic magnets.

Our thoughts and feelings send out a vibration, and universal energy matches our vibration by giving us more of the same, resonant energy. If you are sending positive, radiating energy to someone in need, it’ll make their energy more resonate and stronger as well.

This is why it’s so important to send someone loving, positive vibrations instead of worrisome, doubtful, helpless thoughts.

When supporting someone with your thoughts, seeing them as you know they want to be is the most valuable thing you can do for them.

You will know when you are of value to anyone when you are able to think about the person and feel good at the same time. This means you are truly resonating with your thoughts for their greatest good. Picture that person happy and healthy. Truly feel the emotion of them in this state, as if it’s already true. How elating it would feel knowing they are safe, content and at peace.

“When you love others without worry, you are an advantage to them. When you enjoy them, you help them. When you expect them to succeed, you help them. In other words, when you see them as your own inner being sees them, then and only then is your association with them to their advantage”
-Esther Hicks

Next time you watch the news, want to support someone who’s grieving, receive word about a sick child or witness a tragedy from afar, try to be aware of your thoughts you are sending back out to them.

As Einstein said in relation to thought energy, “This isn’t philosophy, this is physics.” So when you think that there’s nothing you can do, then there isn’t. But if you think you can do your part by sending out positive thoughts, you can help them more than you ever could’ve imagined.

-Jackie Shea

“There are 2 ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

-Edith Wharton

Photo cred: Unsplash/Abbie Bernet