The first few minutes when you wake are your foundation for the rest of the day.

But this isn’t going to be a long list of fad morning routines.

I love making elaborate color-coded lists with fancy ball point pens-anything that gives me the illusion that I’m getting my life together. I have tried nearly every morning routine promised to be the next best thing on the internet. So I used to wake up and tackle my long list of morning routine tasks.

The second my alarm went off, I suppressed any anxiety and hit the ground running. Chug a lemon water, rush through an abs video, meditate (I sat there the whole time anxious about fitting in the next item on my morning routine list), take your supplements, the list went on and on. Next thing I knew, I was rushing out the door to work, leaving 10 minutes later than I wanted to. Even though I had completed my “morning routine” goals, I didn’t feel ready for the day. I felt frazzled and out of touch with myself.

I always strived to accomplish goals outside of myself. I never took the time to relax and open up to what I intuitively knew I needed in the moment

After many failed attempts at perfecting my morning routine, I realized I needed to simply tune into myself instead of hit the ground running.

Upon waking, unclench as if asleep.

An intuitive morning routine:

  1. When your alarm goes off, keep your eyes closed. Reflect on your dreams. Open to how your body is feeling. Open to the sounds you hear. Open to your emotions. This is a time for reflection. If you feel anxiety or fear, feel it fully. Don’t suppress it. Just gently observe.
  2. Subtly think of what you’re are thankful for. Don’t scurry for a pen and make your list. Just lay there and reflect. As simple as waking up in warm sheets or the fresh tea with lemon you are about to have. Or that you don’t have to see that annoying coworker for 60 more minutes.
  3. When you are submersed in this blissful feeling, move your body with a gentle stretch in bed. You don’t need to spring out of bed and do a workout DVD with burpees and planks. Listen to your body. Just relax into stretches that feel good for you.
  4. Sit upright in bed and meditate for 15 minutes. If meditation isn’t for you, visualize your day and what you hope for.
  5. Flip through your  vision album next to your bed. Soak it in.

Give yourself space. Gently listen to your heart and body. Then get up and approach your day with an inner-knowing that you can accomplish anything because you have the control.

-Jackie Shea

“Remain sensitive as you emerge from deep sleep to wakeful stress. With gentle openness, feel the deep, silent peace abiding beneath the swirl of emerging thoughts, sounds, colors and feelings. Waking life is an addition to the depth of sleep’s bliss. With practice, you can relax as the source of sleep’s depth even while awake. All of your thinking, emoting and acting can be felt taking form as part of this vast openness of being, like vortexes forming on the surface of deep water. Practice feeling open all day, as love’s unclenched offering.” -David Deida


Image Cred: Hanny Naibaho/Unsplash