What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is the cognitive process of purposefully generating visual mental imagery to reprogram your subconscious- to shape your reality. Creative visualization is noted to be used by Top A-listers, Olympic athletes and world innovators.

What is resonance?

In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to “oscillate” with greater amplitude at specific frequencies. We are all vibrating entities; we are all made up of energy. Every single one of us has an “emotional guidance system”. When we feel attracted to something positively, we resonate, we feel love, excitement, contentment, inspiration. When we do not resonate with something, we feel a ping of unease, guilt, anger, fear.

Creative Visualization + Resonance= Your Soul Print

Your soul print- what makes you happy, your life purpose, what truly drives you- is often masked by societal expectations, our learned habits, what we “think” is the right thing to do. Uncovering who you really are is as simple as feeling through life experience. Your emotional guidance system always resonates with your most authentic self. So, utilizing the process of creative visualization with images that resonate with you, whether the images “make sense or not”, will always reveal your most authentic self.

How to make your soul print:

  1. Make an account on unsplash.
  2. Over the next week, compile a collection of photos that inspire you into an Unsplash Collection. (See below for the checklist, don’t leave out any category! Take your time with this. Go slowly. Find photos that truly resonate with you.
  3. When you feel ready, develop your photos into 4×6 format (I usually use CVS or Walmart 1 hour photo and pick up my pictures after work).
  4. Pour some wine, make some tea. I usually go with a double IPA beer. Make a fire. Enjoy this part! Add your photos into a photo album sequentially by the flow of your day in this order:
    -How do you want to wake up? (sunrises, bedroom environment, location, warm tea, etc.)
    -Where do you go during the day? (career, farm, classes, raise children, etc.)
    -What do you do when you get home? (exercise, nature, hobbies, inspiration, etc.)
    -Nightfall (dinner, music, reading, location, a warm bath, tea, the sky)
  5. Days after you make your album, remember to continuously search for images that inspire you, and add them to your album. If any photos no longer resonate with you, remove them. Offer gratitude and let them go. This is an ever-evolving process.
  6. Hold your album in your hands, this is the real you. Look at it every morning when waking and every night before bed. Breathe into it. Hold on your vision.
  7. Then, let it go. Hold on to the desire, but let go of the need. Detach yourself from the outcome you intend to see manifest in your life. Whenever you are attached to someone or something, you effectively strip yourself of your authentic power to consciously create the life you choose. Visualize for the joy of visualizing rather than with the intention of correcting a deficiency. Tip: After cycling through your soul print, ask yourself every day if you can envision a “you” that is happy, even though many of the images are not a reality. If you can get to that place, you’ve got it!

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Collecting an image because you THINK you should: Don’t think outside the box, feel outside the box. Take your mind out of the equation. Focus on how you feel. Don’t save a picture only because it fits into your mold. Don’t save a picture because you feel guilty not saving it, whether it be because you think your family or your partner would want you to. Do this for you and you only!
  • Not arranging photos sequentially: For years, I had my “dream career” photos of laptops, planners and business outfits at the very end of my soul print. This made me feel anxious and I had trouble falling asleep. Instead, a picture of tea and stargazing at the very end of my album resonates with my circadian rhythm and let’s my mind know it can relax in the moment.
  • Rushing through the process: Slow down! You have a blank slate and are putting your soul on paper for goodness sakes. Embrace and settle into the process. This should be ridiculously fun.
  • Making a vision board instead of an album: With a board, resonance can be chaotic as you’re processing many images at once, in no particular order of your day. With the album, you can settle into every picture, just as your day progresses. The vibrations emitted during this process is organized and much simpler to integrate into your subconscious. Second, your visions may conflict with that friends and families- many people lose authenticity with a board because they are impacted, consciously or subconsciously, by the opinions of others.
  • Using a shitty looking album: This is your LIFE you’re putting in this album. Make it count. Invest in a vintage leather album or something that looks magical in your space at home.
  • Not collecting the simple things: You collect a coffee shop photo- but what kind of mug do you picture your hot dark roast coffee in? Dream so big but don’t miss out on manifesting the simple joys.

The Soul Print Checklist:

Life Purpose: How do you want to feel in your career? What makes you feel a sense of purpose? How do you want your desk to look? Do you even want to work at a desk? Do you want to travel? Do you want to fight for a cause? What were you drawn to as a child? What are your most authentic dreams? What career makes you excited?
Expression: What pictures make you feel like your authentic self? What clothes do you feel confident and attractive in? What colors do you feel inspired in? What makes you feel expressive (tattoos, accessories, hair styles)? How do you picture your ideal down time? Reading? Exploring? Coffee shops? A walk in the woods?
Love & Relationships: How do you want to feel in your relationship? How do you picture your weekends? How do you imagine Sunday mornings? Do you want long talks? A travel companion? Cooking together? What does love look like for you? What gives you butterflies? What makes you feel understood?
Friends & Family: A long, winter girls hike with a thermos of hot chocolate? Family pizza and movie night? Ski trips together? Heart to hearts over coffee? Family traditions? Family not traditions? haha.
Health: How do you want to feel? Think of a time when you were your healthiest self. Find pictures that mirror that moment. Find pictures of fresh water, farmer’s markets and homemade organic sauce. How do you want to move your body? Find pictures of a dream space to practice yoga. A trail that you would love to run on. Maybe a dark, inspiring boxing gym. Find pictures of your ideal body. A favorite workout outfit. A dream mountain bike. A bikini you would love to feel confident in next summer.
Hobbies: What do you love to do for you? Maybe this is something you incorporate in your life right now. If so, find pictures that represent that. If you don’t, search random images of hobbies and see if any resonate with you. Do any pictures give you a ping of excitement? Maybe you never took a dance class but a picture of a dance studio makes you oddly excited.
Travel: Be unrealistic here. Disregard your budget or family situation. Think of somewhere you have always wanted to venture to. What does it look like? If you want to go to Ireland, what does the restaurant on the cobble stone street of Dublin look like? What is the weather like? What outfit are you wearing while you’re there? How do you feel on the plane ride there?
Home vibes: How do you want to feel in your home? What blankets do you feel most comfortable curled up in? What decor is on the walls? How clean and pure is your space? What does your closet look like- is it bursting with disorganized clothes or neatly filled with only clothing that gives you joy? What colors are on the walls? Do you want fresh wildflowers in the space? What pictures make you feel truly home and in your own space of calm?


The world around you: What movements are you drawn to? Peace rallies? Environmental conservation? How do you want to see people treat each other, greet each other? What does unity look like to you? Do you believe in religion? Do you believe in all religions? Picture animals healthy, happy, loved. How can you conserve energy in your home? Recycle? Electric car? Solar panels? Less competition, more cooperation? Are we all created equal? If not, should we all at least be treated equal?

Use a vision album as your personal space to plant some seeds and discover how you truly want to feel and who you truly are. In time, your clarity and confidence surrounding your aspirations will grow. Keep listening to your most authentic self. That’s the you that’s going to shine.

-Jackie Shea


Image Cred: Unsplash/Annie Spratt


A few soul print ideas to get you started:

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