The Science:

Basically, there is this physical dimension- Earth. There is an agreement on time, gravity and space.  There is also an agreement that everything consists of vibrational energy, and all energy exists as and emits a frequency.

Matter is simply energy in a state of vibration. This includes the air, your desk, a rock, your glass of water, your body, your thoughts, your emotions- you have a vibration that you emit every single second- every one of your cells has a vibrating energy.

This vibration that you emit fluctuates all of the time. When you have a high vibration, you feel light, you feel joy, you think positive thoughts not only towards others but towards yourself. You treat your body with respect. You see everything as love.

On the contrary, we all have low vibrating days. Some of us have low vibrating months, or years. I’ve been there. When you are operating at a low vibration, you feel dense and heavy, you automatically think negative thoughts, especially about yourself- your body, your life. You treat your body as something separate as you- with drugs, processed foods and alcohol.

So what’s the big deal if I have a low vibration?

That brings me to another agreement in physics, like attracts like. Whatever vibration we hold, magnetically attracts more of the same. If you are in a high vibration, you attract high vibration people and experiences. If you are in a low vibration, you attract more of the same.

I know, this sounds complicated. But’s it’s nothing you don’t already know- because you use and emit this energy every second of every day. The difference is that now you’ll have an awareness of it. And that’s when it’s powerful.

Here are some tips to increase your vibration:

  1. Make a soul print. Get clear on who you are at your core, first and foremost.
  2. Be conscious of your thought patterns. Listen to your self talk. I used to be so mean to myself. Constant negative self talk about my weight, my lack of focus and my lack of authenticity. You would never tell a friend they were overweight or had no direction in life? (I hope) Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend. Be an encouragement and inspiration to yourself.
  3. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Let go and be thankful. I know haha, forgiveness, blah blah blah. Just do it. Let it be history. What if you had 3 months to live. Would you waste precious time holding onto resentment? Or would you let it go and make room for love?
  4. Moving on! Every day when you wake review what you are thankful for. If you appreciate what you love and have, you will continue to receive it tenfold. I suggest keeping a gratitude journal next to your bed. Write down a few things you appreciate morning and night. As simple as your dogs climbing in bed with you to cuddle 20 minutes before your alarm goes off. It’s all about the simple things.
  5. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. This can be difficult if you have draining family members or coworkers, but surround yourself with positive energy and try to avoid situations that drain your energy. If you surround yourself with people who inspire you, the energy is contagious. This is not being selfish. The people you direct your attention to need your energy as well. So where do you choose to put it?
  6. Listen to music. Music that makes you feel good. Not just good because it’s a top hit- good because the rhythm makes you daydream about what makes you happy and the possibility to be the real you. Make a playlist and play it on your commute. After all, music is a beautiful dance of vibrations.
  7. Take care of your body. I cannot stress enough how important self-care is. I spent months focusing on spirituality with mediation, card readings, diet changes and reading self-help books. I put so much time into this after work, that I didn’t move my body. You don’t need a crazy gym routine. Just move your body, in some way, every day. Outdoors if possible.
  8. Be conscious of what you eat. Foods have vibrations, too. Eating high vibe foods (organic smoothies, vegetables, water!!, fruit) will increase your vibration.
  9. Yes, TV & movies can inspire you, but limit yourself to one favorite show per week. The rest of the nights, pick something else to do during that block of time that elevates you. Dance, read, jog, meal prep, edit your soul print, go for a bike ride, plan a trip with friends, schedule a personal day at work…do something for you, instead of staring mindlessly at a TV for hours upon end each week.
  10. Live in the moment. What is happening at this exact moment in time? Embrace yourself in the here and now. When you focus on past events and to-do lists (my biggest fault I’m quite the list maker), you lose site of the energy that is bringing positivity into your life. I still have yet to grasp this concept in its entirety, but I know it’s an important one so thought I’d throw it in here.


Everything in your life and the lives of those around you is affected by this energy & vibrations Everything you experience is attracted to you because this energy is responding to the thoughts that you are offering, not your current reality. Your thoughts have vibrations, and thus, magnetic power. Your health, relationships, financial status, opportunities, will for adventure…everything is connected to your vibration. As Albert Einstein stated,

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want  and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

A few simple changes in your life can make all the difference. Be the energy you want to attract.

-Jackie Shea


Image Cred: Autri Taheri/Unsplash

Want to learn more about this magic?

A great reference to learn more about this concept is “The Essential Law of Attraction Collection” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This book outlines the Law of Attraction as well as two other universal laws that are incorporated with this concept.

Another great resource is “Vibe” by Robyn Openshaw. Her book explores foods, natural substances and lifestyle practices that can raise our vibrations and the frequency of the human body.