Welcome to Sage and Sapphire! A little bit about my personal journey (so far)-

I had a very blessed childhood, loved to make up dances, adopted a bunch of humpback whales and read about anything involving spirituality, space and the big mysteries of the world. I was in my own head most of the time. Fast forward, I became a pediatric emergency trauma and operating room nurse. My happy bubbly always-energized personality was quickly drained. I was always anxious about the shift, constantly fatigued, had negative thought patterns and drank red bull every shift. I was exposed to a lot in a short period of time- from traumas, to children that were physically/sexually abused, children with terminal cancer, children that tried to/did commit suicide, the list goes on. I saw a lot of pain, not just in my patients but in their families as well.

Many issues came to light about how we treat mental health patients and how our government doesn’t support their needs. I began to see a pattern in how the power of my patients’ mental state, and the influence of their families’ expectations, could greatly influence their outcomes.  There are diagnostic tests, treatments and probabilities that are said to dictate if and how a patient will survive but I believe there is most definitely a mind-body component that takes place in the process. I started carrying healing crystals in my scrub pocket and teaching my patients creative visualization during a trauma or before induction in the OR and I felt it was making a positive difference in their outcome.

In 2014, I drove up to the Northwoods in Northern NH for a much needed break. There was no cell phone service. The day-to-day consisted of riding ATV’s for miles, drinking IPA’s and relaxing in the stream on an inflatable raft from Walmart. At night, it was the best star gazing you’ve ever seen. I read too many books to count that week, including reads about resonance, science of the mind-body connection, creative visualization, astrology and holistic health. It all started to click.

I left the hospital and became an nursing instructor. I wrote curriculum and felt uneasy as I was only teaching “text book”. You can teach someone the facts- symptoms, surgery, medications- but there was no education about the power of positive thought. As a healthcare provider, you can add in a very important component into your patient’s treatment plan- the power of thought and intention.

Since then, I became a RYT-200 yoga instructor and learned that final piece- not just the power of the mind-body connection, but the mind-body-soul connection. I developed a collegiate course “Get Inspired: a transformational course for the innovators, thinkers and doers of tomorrow.” Photography resonance and creative visualization assignments are at the core of the curriculum with lessons about gratitude, meditation, resonance, how to think outside the box and apply that knowledge to their career and life.

There’s this piece of you that consists of all knowing energy. An understanding of this connection is essential to living your greatest life and inspiring others to make their dreams a reality too. Whether its in healthcare, your education, your career, your relationship, your health, your world- there is something to be said about energy, the perspective the mind and the power it holds.

The Northwoods 2014: