(Feel free to click through my presentation. This is how I view energy- how it relates to you and to all of us as a whole. I’ll probably make edits to this a million times the more I grow and learn but for now I hope you gain some clarity and a little perspective on how your energy affects you and your world. )

Energy & Your World

There are countless resources about how to take care of ourselves- from workouts, organic foods, meditation techniques, vision boards, life-work balance, how to raise kids, how to improve your relationships. Still, we find ourselves struck with illness, weight gain, confusion and a crazy fast-paced life.

And then, the second you look outside yourself, there’s the world- and all of those problems! From global warming, wars, prejudice, forest fires, violence- it’s almost too much to process, let alone make a positive difference.

As one person, it’s too much to take on…or is it?

My Grandpa Toot was a truck driver from CT with a raspy voice and contagious laugh; he never took life too seriously. His advice to all of life’s problems is to simplify.

I think we can do just that- simplify. Uncomplicate your world.

Start to simplify by thinking of your world in terms of energy.

Everything in existence is comprised of vibrational energy and all energy exists as and emits a frequency. Matter is simply energy in a state of vibration. This includes you- you have a vibration that you emit every single second- every one of your cells has a vibrating energy.

When you start to gain an awareness of this energy, you’ll notice there is a connection to your state of vibration- by your actions, your words, your thoughts- that actually creates your reality. When you raise your vibration, you contribute to raising the collective energy of the world as well. There’s a domino effect.

I know, this sounds complicated. But’s it’s nothing you don’t already know- because you use and emit this energy every second of every day. The difference is that now you’ll have an awareness of it. And that’s when it’s powerful.

To simplify, look at your world in 2 simple ways:

  1. There is “you”. You have complete control over your own personal vibration- mind, body and soul. In this process, you will uncover and reveal your truest self- what you want in life, what you love to do and the goal in life is to live that truth.
  2. We are each other. At our core, we are all made of the same particles as the stars.  We all live out our own daily lives, have our own goals and our own opinions, but we are essentially one in the same. Our inner desires and agendas are the same at their core. All of us seek happiness, no matter how we choose to pursue it. Instead of thinking of yourself as a separate identity, a me vs. the world complex, try to have an awareness that we’re all not too different after all. Disunity doesn’t exist.

Physics shows that a vibration of a higher energy raises that of a lower one (by default). I believe we can all make the world a higher vibration. So to do your part, you don’t necessarily have to do anything at all. Just raise your own vibration, and its contagious energy will raise that of the world as well.

The more you express love, gratitude and compassion during your own personal journey, you help shift the collective energy of those around you. The love you have for yourself has a ripple effect. Others start to become aware of the power they have over their lives too.

“Each human soul comes to the body with the identical agenda, and that is to uncover our identity. To UNcover is not the same as to DIScover. To discover is to find something that you did not know was there. To uncover is to reveal or expose that which we knew was always there. We do not need to find our True Identity, we merely need to reveal it. We all yearn to know ourselves in our own experience. We want to express and become Who We Really Are. Now we may not put it that way, but that is our innermost desire. All of us seek happiness, and the highest state of happiness is achieved when we live in the fullest expression of Who We Are. It is a simple as that.”

-Neale Donald Walsh

So when you get overwhelmed and feel helpless with all the craziness in the world, just know that you’re doing an exponential amount if you are aware of your own energy and raise your own vibration by being your true self. That’s all you really have to do.

 Is this really true? I don’t know, to be honest this is just a gut feeling for me. Every book and article I’ve read on this subject has struck a cord that I believe to be true. And that’s all I need. But there’s also been ancient texts, philosophers, physicists and quantum physics researchers who would agree with this concept through their knowledge of mathematics, the cosmos, physics etc.

Plain and simple, you have the power to decide for yourself what you want to believe. You have a choice to believe what you want. Just know that even if you don’t understand the details of how this works, maybe just trust that it’s comforting to know you are a part of something bigger and that you have the choice to live an intentionally authentic life.  And by default, you will influence the lives of other people by being an inspiration in your own way, just by being you.

Be the energy you want to attract. It all starts with an awareness.

-Sage & Sapphire